Aurora Coop

We are one of the largest
cooperatives in the world.

Aurora Coop ranks 34th in per capita turnover,
according to the Global Cooperative Monitor.

Taste and quality
on the table

Made with the affection and dedication from more
than 100 thousand cooperating families.

is adding,
and believing

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Our Brands

Together they present the consumers with a variety of more than 850 products.

Machine operator Jacson,
is an employee of Aurora Coop


We are driven by the purpose of “Taking care of each other to
arouse prosperity for all”. And that’s not just a
sentence, it’s who we are.

If you are looking for a better and more sustainable
world for this and the next generations, then we have a
lot in common. We are cooperatives.

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Economic development, social welfare and environment preservation are
reflected in the quality of the business life and future.

Somos Coop

More than
100 thousand families

We are proud to say that we are formed
by more than 100 thousand families. A sum that
unites employees, rural entrepreneurs and
affiliated cooperatives, which for more than five
decades have been dedicated to build one of the
largest food cooperatives in Brazil.

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