Who We Are

Who We Are

One of the largest cooperatives in the country.

If you are looking for a better and more sustainable world for this and the next generations, then we have a lot in common. We are cooperatives.

Cooperating is in everyday life. It goes far beyond a business model, it is a philosophy of life. It’s thinking about the collective, dividing, sharing. 

And we, at Aurora Coop, are proud to say that we are made up of more than 100,000 families. A sum that unites employees, rural entrepreneurs and affiliated cooperatives, which for more than five decades have been dedicated to build one of the largest food cooperatives in Brazil. 

Our management is participatory and we operate in the industrialization and commercialization of pork meat, poultry meat, dairies, pastas, vegetables, fishes and supplements for animal nutrition. The care we use to produce raw material in the field, the transparency in our relationships and the excellence used in each production stage of our food, guarantees the recognition of consumers all over the world, positioning us as one of Brazil’s main animal protein industries.

Learn more about our universe and essence here.

Our Ideals

Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values

At Aurora Coop we are driven by the purpose of “Taking care of each other to arouse prosperity for all”. And that’s not just a sentence, it’s who we are.

We are proud of our cooperative essence and we work together so that this great system of which we are part remains alive, stimulating the cooperation and evolution of thousands of families in the countryside and in the city.

Our mission is “To provide excellent food, arousing prosperity in the countryside and in the city”. Our vision is “To be recognized as a reference cooperative in food in Brazil and in the world”. And our values are: ethics, quality, trust, cooperation, sustainability and simplicity.

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