Sustainability - Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

We value the safety and well-being of those involved in each production chain phase, in compliance with Brazilian and international quality standards.

We believe in quality, ethics and sustainability as a basic premise to development animal and human well-being and balance with the environment.

We trust in the excellence of three foundations: designed facilities, animals and people involved during the breeding system. Since 2008, we have constantly invested in education, improvements in facilities and processes, and the production concepts modernization, by creating the Animal Welfare Program.

This program monitors and improves all of the production chain phases, from breeding, feeding, housing, transport and animals slaughtering, in addition to minimizing losses in production processes, contributing to the Cooperative’s sustainability commitments.

Raw Material

Animal Feed Factory

Farm and Cooperated Producers

Slaughter and Industrialization

Distribution Center

Export and Domestic Market


Final Consumer

It also promotes the most appropriate use of all the resources used in losses production and reduction, generating gains in differentiation through efficiently aligned practices from the beginning to the end of the production chain.

Combined with correct animal welfare practices, this belief differentiates us in the food production market, providing gains that are shared by all agents in the production chain and guaranteeing quality products to the society.

That is why Aurora Coop has been recognized through the award Who is Who: the Biggest and the Best Poultry and Swine Cooperatives in the Animal Welfare category. Such an important award consolidates Aurora Coop’s public commitment to animal welfare and quality of life in the countryside, which encompasses its entire Poultry and Pork production system. Aurora Coop reiterates that this award is the result of joint efforts with all the cooperatives affiliated to the Aurora Coop system.

Our concepts of animal welfare are updated in the World’s largest forums that deal with the subject, following the four evaluation principles established by Welfare Quality.

Training and Qualification

All structural and management practices applied in the production system aim to benefit
the animal’s adaptation to the environment in which it is inserted.

Every year, training is carried out for the entire technical team, producers and employees of the Frigorific units on animal welfare so that the correct management practices implemented in the field are carried out to meet the good relationship between man and animal.

As a way of certifying our properties, the Cooperative has implemented the program Sustainable Rural Property, which regulates the procedures to evaluate and classify rural properties as sustainable, with criteria that include all training programs implemented by the Aurora Coop System, applying a specific checklist that have animal welfare indicators.

Our Practices

We believe in transforming the world into a fairer, happier and more balanced
place with better opportunities for everyone.

At Aurora Coop, we adopt four pillars as a practice: excellence of good food, construction of adequate accommodation, efficient transport and specialized professionals. All very well structured to ensure quality at all phases, from the creation to your home. Find out our practices here:

If you have any questions about our processes, talk to our team of experts.

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