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Foundation Aury Luiz Bodanese

It values the human being and contributes to the exercise of citizenship.

Maintained by Aurora Coop, it develops socio-environmental actions in the area covered by our units.


We believe that connecting with communities and promoting sustainable development generates healthy economic and social growth, which results in building a much better society.

Based on this principle, Aurora Coop established and maintains, since 2008, the Foundation Aury Luiz Bodanese (FALB). A non-profit social entity that develops socio-environmental actions in the area covered by the Cooperative.

With the mission of “Valuing the human being and contributing to the exercise of citizenship” and the vision of “Being a reference in actions that promote sustainability and cooperativism”, the work carried out by the Foundation translates into a framework of solidarity practices and people appreciation. Because of this, the organization has the recognition of society in its most diverse segments.

In more than a decade of operations, Foundation Aury Luiz Bodanese has already developed socio-environmental actions that have impacted millions of people, by involving thousands of volunteers. These activities are carried out through certain programs. Find out about the actions developed by the Foundation here.

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