Aurora Coop System

Aurora Coop System

Our production chain begins with the activities of fourteen unique cooperatives.

The Biffe family, rural entrepreneurs cooperated

More than 76 thousand families associated with cooperatives produce the raw material that gives rise to our products.

Aurora Coop is a central cooperative that unites the strength of fourteen unique cooperatives present in the states of Santa Catarina, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul. Thousands of families of rural entrepreneurs are associated with them, who produce with care and dedication the raw material that gives rise to the products of our brands, in more than 700 Brazilian cities.

Learn more about cooperativism, a force that makes history.

Somos Coop

A seal with
great meaning

Do you know the secret of our products’ quality and
flavor? It is the care and dedication of thousands of
families, made up of people like you, who struggle and
give their best every new day. They do everything with love,
producing the foods that bring their family together around
the table. The symbol of all this affection is the seal “More than 100 thousand families” that stamps the packaging of each product of our brands.

Logo Somos Coop

The brand
of Cooperativism

Have you noticed that we use the Somoscoop
seal in our communications?

It means that we are part of a national movement to value
cooperativism. Products with this stamp are produced by
cooperatives and strengthen our way of being and doing
business, a model that benefits thousands of people
around the world and grows every day.

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