Sustainability - Quality


It brings security to the consumer and improves the cooperative’s productivity.

Technical assistant Ana Camila is
an employee of Aurora Coop

Our quality management operates carefully in all food production processes, from the field to the consumer’s table.

Promoting customer satisfaction and the growth of Aurora Coop, producing and selling excellent, safe and authentic products, through compliance with legislation and continuous process improvement, the culture of food safety and quality. This is Aurora Coop’s Quality Policy.

Our objectives are:

  • Satisfied customers;
  • Continuous improvement of the process and the culture of food safety and quality;
  • Growth of Aurora Coop;
  • Guarantee of food safety, compliance with legislation and authenticity of the commercialized products.

Discover how our quality practices work in the pillars:

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Singular Cooperatives

Aurora Coop Industry

Logistics and Transport

Sales and Commerce Unit



Supplier, Inputs and Raw Materials.

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