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Care for the natural resources at all times.

Aurora Coop’s environmental management is in line with our values and strategies, with investments aimed at legal compliance and sustainable growth.

Our care for natural resources starts in the field with the promotion of good practices with rural entrepreneurs, goes through the development of our brand products and industrial activities, to the packaging disposal by consumers. We monitor and control the most significant environmental aspects and assess risks and opportunities in our operations to reduce adverse impacts and prevent pollution. 

So, Aurora Coop’s environmental management is in line with our values and strategies, with investments aimed at legal compliance and the activity sustainable growth. Get to know some of our practices:

Water use

We manage the volume of water abstracted and the quality of effluents returned to the environment, in accordance with environmental licenses. More than 90% of the water used in industrial processes returns to the environment after proper treatment. We act in water reduction and reuse, seeking to increase use efficiency of water resources and environmental preservation. 

We participate in River Basin Committees and encourage rural entrepreneurs to adopt measures that reduce water consumption, protect springs and riparian forest, and properly dispose of waste from agricultural activities. Thus, we contribute to environmental conservation and minimize the production chain impacts.

Energy sources

Aurora Coop works with renewable energy. Approximately 98% of the energy consumed directly by industrial units is obtained from renewable sources. An energy matrix based on renewable sources generates less greenhouse gases (GEE) and environmental impacts.

Currently, our biggest source of energy used is firewood. And to meet the demand, we maintain our own reforestation areas, leased or acquire firewood from third parties. Our second largest source of energy is electricity, which we buy in the captive market and obtain through the operation of a Hydroelectric Generating Center (CGH) and by contracting energy on the free market. Most free market energy is encouraged from sources that generate low environmental impact.

Starting in 2022, the cooperative has reinforced its commitment to innovation and sustainability by starting to use electric trucks in its refrigerated product delivery fleet. The vehicles comply with environmental legislation, minimize noise pollution and generate less vibration and internal noise. Learn more about the initiativeand click here.

Waste management

To reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and ensure proper destination, we manage all the waste generated by Aurora Coop. More than 90% of the waste generated in our operations is reused. Soil application in the form of fertilizer and compost has positive impacts in the production chain itself, in cultivating grains and pastures. We periodically audit our outsourced transporters and shippers, and advise our employees on environmental disposal and selective collection programs. 

Since 1995, the company has maintained the Life Recycling Program, used for training employees, accounting recycled materials and disseminating results with environmental gains.

Programs in the Countryside and in the City

Improving life quality in rural areas.

At Aurora Coop, we develop programs to improve life quality in rural areas, obtaining gains in productivity and sustainability, in addition to improve environmental performance in disposing our product packaging.
Get to know some of our actions:

It certifies and rewards cooperative producers that meet the evaluation criteria in environmental, social and economic aspects. In more than 20 years of operation, it has already certified hundreds of rural companies.

One of our most awarded environmental programs, and It involves affiliated cooperatives and has been in development for over 11 years. It collects, transports, treats and disposes of animal health waste generated on rural properties in an environmentally correct manner.

Most of the material we use to manufacture our packaging is produced from renewable sources and a significant part of the amount of consumed paper/cardboard comes from recycling. The Research and Development department develops projects to optimize and reduce the amount of material used in packaging, as well as prioritizing plastic resins that facilitate material recycling. The recycling symbol is present on all product packaging of our brands, helping consumers to correctly allocate them to selective collection.

To increase the recycling rates of our brands’ post-consumption packaging, since 2015 we have been participating in the Coalition for Reverse Logistics, which aims to improve selective collection processes and the integration of collectors’ cooperatives throughout the country. Aurora Coop invests in Recycling Institute [Instituto Recicleiros], management entity chosen to implement structuring actions of reverse logistics. Learn more about the institute and the actions carried out here.

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