Sustainability - Our People

Our People

Our essence is in people.

We believe that caring for and investing in personal development reflects life quality and business sustainability.

To manage all this, we have a policy of actions aligned with the structure and culture of Aurora Coop, which seeks to promote a work environment where our employees feel part of the cooperative. 

Here, we ensure compliance with labor and social security legislation, we repudiate any discriminatory practice, slave or child labor, we maintain balance in the relationships between Aurora Coop, unions and people, and we generate innovation and continuous improvement in management practices. 

Also, our People Management team is continually improving tools to attract talent, education and development, reward practices, and provide safe and healthy work environments.

At Aurora Coop we are:

  • 39.641direct employees
  • 1.476people with disabilities
  • 6.210foreigners of approximately 20 nationalities
  • 727young apprentices
  • 325interns

*Information of September/21

Aurora Coop Culture

We are different and at the same time we are one.

Maintenance technician
Antoninho is an employee
of Aurora Coop

We have 40 thousand employees, in units from North to South of Brazil, with different cultures, ethnicities and nationalities, but we have the same purpose. Here, everyone understands the importance of their work in the production process and strives to evolve together with Aurora Coop.

For these people to develop and feel proud of the place they chose for their professional careers, we offer the necessary conditions and environment. And we also honor, every year, the employees with high service time, our Jubilee.


Professional growth requires patience, wisdom, dedication and persistence.

Systems programmer
Jonathan is an employee
of Aurora Coop

Aurora Coop promotes qualification and development courses for employees in management, technical and operational positions. Get to know some of our practices.

It provides the development of Aurora’s leaders, expanding awareness, reinforcing concepts and deepening fundamental themes to practice leadership.

It develops technical and behavioral skills to conduct the efficient learning of new employees, to meet the processes technical, quality and safety standards and specifications.

It develops basic skills to manage people, aligned with the characteristics of the Aurora Coop Leader.

It develops professionals in the administrative area on an ongoing basis, maintaining and improving the performance of their activities.

It promotes the continuous development of leaders, through current themes, adapting people’s and market’s strategic needs.

To develop our employees who work in leadership or technical positions, we offer relevant content on a digital platform.

In addition to developing programs, Aurora Coop works on the Succession Program and Trainee Program. At Succession, we carry out practices with the purpose of preparing professionals for Cooperative career development. Likewise, at the Trainee Program, the selected professionals receive subsidies for their development and prepare themselves to work in leadership positions, such as Managers, Supervisors and In charge.

Health and safety

We value the health and safety of our employees.

Nurse Vanessa is an employee
of Aurora Coop

At Aurora Coop, we identify and manage risks inherent to activities, implement preventive actions with a focus on continuous improvement in processes, and comply with current legislation and regulations to prevent work-related accidents and illnesses.

We have a health and safety culture established based on the commitment of our leaders and the effective involvement of our staff. It makes everyone feel more responsible for preventing and promoting a environment that provides physical, mental and organizational well-being.

To disseminate this culture, we worked on six Golden Rules in Aurora Coop’s communication channels, training and prevention campaigns. So, during the year, the information reaches all employees involved in the processes. Allied to these factors, there is the monitoring of the performance of indicators and management of our programs, contributing to the integrity prevention of all.

Come be Aurora Coop

Be part of our team.

In addition to legal benefits, Aurora Coop offers a benefits package aimed at quality of life and employee satisfaction.

The goal is to supplement the family income, in a fair and compatible way with their needs. Health plan with monthly fee 100% paid by the cooperative, dental plan, food vouchers, free transportation vouchers, company meals or meal vouchers and Profit Sharing Plan (PPR) are some examples.

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