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Our Positioning

Quality, ethics and sustainability.

We believe that any action or policy adopted for animal welfare should always be based on the fundamental principles of animals. At Aurora Coop, these principles are based on the Welfare Quality® protocol.

We believe in quality, ethics and sustainability as basic premises to development animal and human welfare, and balance with the environment.

By believing in this human-environment balance, Aurora Coop embraces cooperativism as a business model and a philosophy of life, showing that it is possible to unite the individual and the collective with sustainable development.

This philosophy is the basis to the actions and procedures adopted by the Cooperative in relation to the animals welfare involved in the production system.

In a responsible and ethical way, we believe that any action or policy adopted for animal welfare must always be based on the animals fundamental freedom, referring here to Welfare Quality® – an institution internationally recognized for the expertise in this subject.

Aurora Coop recognizes animals as sentient beings, capable of consciously feeling the most basic sensations and having positive and negative experiences.

Fundamental Principles of Animals



Prolonged absence of
hunger or thirst.


Adapted constructions for
the best comfort.


Possibility of expressing
natural behaviors


Absence of pain, illness
and injury.


Absence of fear and stress.

Committee of Animal Welfare

Our actions and referrals that lead to the constant
animal welfare improvement.

Our Committee of animal welfare was formed in 2017 and is composed of trained professionals, who meet and follow the theme evolution at Aurora Coop, and propose new actions and referrals that lead to the animal welfare constant improvement.

A common practice within the Cooperative is the use of specialized consultancies in the area. The goal is to constantly develop and improve sustainable production practices that respect farm animals, and adhere new trends related to the topic. All these consultancies have auditable records, and through them, action plans and investments in the area are generated.

The Cooperative also effectively participates in conferences on animal welfare of sectoral entities, such as the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).

Our Practices

We believe in transforming the world into a fairer, happier and more balanced
place with better opportunities for everyone.

At Aurora Coop, we adopt four pillars as a practice: excellence of good food, construction of adequate accommodation, efficient transport and specialized professionals. All very well structured to ensure quality at all phases, from the creation to your home. Find out our practices here:

If you have any questions about our processes, talk to our team of experts.

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