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Humanitarian Slaughter Program

A program recognized by MAPA and WAP.

Aurora Coop is one of the first Brazilian companies to join the National Humanitarian Slaughter Program recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), and by the Animal Protection Organization (WAP).

Frigorific Units

100% of our animals are stunned before
slaughter in the Frigorific Units.

We follow animal welfare precepts and adopt the premises of the Humane Slaughter Program. For this reason, all Frigorific Units have an adequate infrastructure for animal comfort.

Each unit has a waiting area with mechanisms to control the environment, in addition to structurally planned shading roofs to ensure air circulation.

In the case of birds, the units have sprinkler and ventilation mechanisms. For swine, there is an adequate infrastructure with non-slip floors, and cleaning is carried out at each batch change. For both poultry and swine, the densities are respected so that the animals can move, lie down and move with ease.

To reinforce our concern and seriousness with which we have adopted the program principles, in 2019 and 2020 we acquired the Emergency Swine Stunner for the Frigorific Units, approved by MAPA, to perform euthanasia without animal pain and suffering in cases of live load.

Our Emergency Stunner has an IP42 degree of protection, adequate to NR-10 standards, meeting the requirements of the European community and animal welfare requirements.

Besides that, out of respect for the markets with which we maintain relations, and in accordance with different cultures and religions, we have adopted Halal guidelines for slaughter. Specifically for this market, the birds are stunned before slaughter, in accordance with the certifiers that attest the process suitability, that is, that the animals were alive at the time of bleeding.

Frigorific Aurora Chapecó I

Our Practices

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At Aurora Coop, we adopt four pillars as a practice: excellence of good food, construction of adequate accommodation, efficient transport and specialized professionals. All very well structured to ensure quality at all phases, from the creation to your home. Find out our practices here:

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